Will your "Big Bag" cause you "Big Trouble!"

​Warrior Warehouse "Holiday Safety Tip!"

Tis the season to be robbing! Criminals are gearing up in full force to do what they do best...Rob and Steal from YOU! This safety tip today is geared toward my big Coach and Prada pocketbook wearing ladies. While we know you have to match your purse with your outfit, you are possibly making yourself a target for those predators hiding in the shadows. 

A person cannot take what they don't know you got. A large purse slung over your back is a walking billboard to say, "Please Rob and Mug me!' Big pocket book and purses to criminals mean money, credit cards, and valuables. You may only have a bunch of rocks and some tic tacs in there, but the criminal does not know that. So they wait until you are not paying attention or put that heavy pocket book down in your shopping cart, and the snatch and grab is in full effect!

So how can we avoid being a victim? Take your credit cards and money in a wallet or your pocket. Nine times out if ten, you will not need everything in your pocketbook for your trip into Walmart, Victoria's Secret, or the mall. Just take what you need to make your purchase! Sure your purse may match your heels. But you would hate to be running after someone in those heels across the parking lot because they snatched your pocketbook off your shoulders along with half of your neck along with it! Scale down your accessories a little bit when out during the shopping season. This will help to keep you safe and less likely a target. Save that nice big bag to wow the people at the Christmas party at work, and not the criminal waiting in the street corner! Nothing wrong with being sassy, but be SAFE at the same time! 

Lance Adams

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