Do you fight to WIN or to ENTERTAIN?

You have seen it in a lot of competitive combat sports. You see a person showboating, dancing around the ring playfully, or yelling to the crowd to get them hype. When you see people doing this, it makes you ask yourself, are they fighting to win or to entertain? If you see a fight outside of the realm of competitive sports on the streets, it rarely last 5 three minute rounds. Usually within the first thirty seconds, someone is laying on there back looking up at the sky counting clouds. Or someone has gone to see the wizard because they have gotten choked unconscious, and we are trying to get them to walk away from the light and come back. We can attest this to training and kevel of skilled opponents. But regardless of that, people on the streets possess a mindset to try and finish you quick and hard even if it is not pretty and entertaining. Why is it not like this in some competitive fighting?

Some of the reason's for this is the entertainment factor. Some fighters feel they need to make the fight last, so they draw it out longer over the rounds. Some feel they have to be the "crowd favorite" so they dance and juke to hear the cheers from the crowd and get their approval. Others feel like they want to toy with another fighter, just to show they are the superior combatant. Whichever reason it is, I feel you are.setting your self up for defeat.

Everytime you are in a fight, you need to fight like your life depended on it. Ditch the playing, and go straight in for the kill when the opportunity present itself. Your job is to win right? So why not do it quickly and decisively, and get it over with? Look at Mike Tyson, my favorite boxer of all time. When he stepped in the ring, he had one thing on his mind...destroying his opponent. He was not jumping around trying to get cheers and jeers from the crowd. His entire strategy was to get in the ring, dispatch of you quickly, and be home in time to watch the footall game. His style was ferocious, dominating, and straight forward. He was a like a iron tank, and did not stop until you couldn't stand no more. His workouts and conditioning were all geared towards total domination and the certainty of the win.

If you are one of the ones that likes  to "play around" in the combat sports arena, your day of hard core defeat may be on the horizon. Every person who fight should know you are only one punck, kick, or slam away from being defeated. It does not matter whether it was an intentional shot or a fluke. If you allow yourself to slip, the same crowd your are trying to woo and entertain, may be the same crowd that will see you using the ground as your personal Serta mattress. You don't want to go from being the entertainer to the entertain-ee! So everytime you step in the ring, cage, mat, or whatever combat format, go in with the mindset to win quickly, decisively, and at all cost. If you want to play games, Toys R Us have plenty of them to buy and play. And I don't know about you, but I have not seen too many Monopoly and Scrabble games on in the combat arena. 

Fight HARD, Win HARD, and do it all over again ...

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