Are you a HYPOCRITE or HELP to your kids?

​Many times we tell our kids, "Do as I say, don't do as I do!" We are pretty much telling them not to follow the example that we are portraying. But in a child's young mind, this is EXACTLY what they are going to do! Children are severely molded by us the first years of the their life. They will look at us for examples to follow and what type of life to lead. We have read the biblical scripture, "Teach your kids in the way they should go, and when they grow old, they will never part from it." This is so true, and yet, can backfire on us as well.

I had a parent contact me in reference to her 12 year old child. She was concerned because her son was morbidly obese, and asked if I could help him. When I met with them, it was just as she said. The child was very obese for his age and had problems walking and breathing due to the extreme weight. But here is the other thing I noticed. The mom and the dad was both extremely obese and out of shape. As I questioned them, I found out that they both had health problems, ate very poorly, and never stepped foot in a gym or fitness regiment. Their daily regiment consisted of going to work, coming home, eating, and sleeping. But here was the shocker. They was SURPRISED on how obese and out of shape their son was! They tried to get him to exercise, play sports, be active, but he never did. All he did was play video games. So needless to say, that his thumbs and fingers were the only thing to get exercise! When I asked the young man on why he did not want to do these things, his answer was simple. He stated, "I never see my parents do these things, so I felt I did not have to do them. Look at them...they look just like me!" Man, those two parents could have melted into the floor and slid down into the drain.

Parents, you have to set the example for your kids. You cannot be a hypocrite. You cannot ask them to do something, when clearly you are not doing the same. If you are not working out or taking care of yourself, THEY will not do it either! It may be cute when they are young to be a little butterball. But as they get older, they can be the target of ridicule, shame, and bullying as a result. I am not saying you have to live up to your kids expectations, but they sure are going to live up to yours! So remember, you are a "walking billboard" for your kids. You are advertising to them what fitness and health is. Show them the example of what to before a hospital or school bully show them what they shouldn't be. Time to lead by example!

The Beast Mode Killaz Trainer

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