What is a "Smoker Fight?"

The Warrior Warehouse is gearing up for our "Beast Mode Killaz Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai Smoker Fights" on August 27th at 6:30pm. This is sure to be an excellent action packed event that will not want to be missed! But many people out there may ask, " What exactly is a "Smoker Fight?" A smoker fight is a non-sanctioned fight that takes place against people from other gyms or organizations. Many times, an upcoming fighter wants to test themselves against another opponent, other than the one they fight against in their gym. The fighter along with their coaches want to test a fighter before throwing them into the huge arena of sanctioned fights, that will go on their official record. A smoker is designed to be very close to the reality of a sanctioned fight. The fighters will experience the nerves, adrenaline, butterflies, and anxiety of that of a sanctioned match. The rule set is also very similar, but usually the time limits are shorter. Full contact rules are in effect, but more rules and stipulations may be in effect to protect the amateur fighter. Head gear and full protective gear is used, and there is a referee and judges to officiate and judge the matches. However, along with these smoker fights, you will also have experienced fighters that may want to enter. These fighters are ones that have already been in the ring, but looking for a way to further hone and sharpen their skills. This is an excellent way for fighters to get good ring experience without putting any blemishes on their records. All fighters, experienced and limited experience, are matched up according to their weights and fight experience. They are weighed in, checked by medical personnel for safety and health, and set a time and opponent to fight. This is a good way to know if an inexperienced fighter is ready to take on a match in a sanctioned promotion, or whether they need to go back to the drawing board and keep improving. For the experienced fighter, it gives them a chance to hone and test their skills, and be more creative with new moves they want to try. And with all that said, sanctioned or not, bragging rights are definitely on the line!

Everyone wants to go in the ring and come out with a victorious and stellar performance. After all, this is a REAL FIGHT! If you want to experience what a smoker fight is, then come out to The Warrior Warehouse this Saturday, August 27th at 6:30pm. Come and support gladiators and warriors who are trying to make it to the next level, and entertain you at the same time. You will definitely never want to miss another one!

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