How do you tell people in your wedding party they need to hit the gym?

You are getting ready for your big day. You are about to strap on the old ball and chain and get ready to get married. This is your day to remember, and for people to remember. But do you want them to remember that some people in your wedding party might have been a little to "Round for the Gown?" Of course not! But how do you tell your friends and family in your wedding party that they need to shed a few pounds and get in shape, without hurting their feeling or coming off as a "bridezilla?'

Here is a solution. You are the bride right? Time to lead by example! Get with your bridal party and say, "Look everyone! This is going to be a special day for me and I really want to look my best. It is hard for me to work out alone, and I need your support now just like you are supporting me the day of the wedding. I would LOVE for us all to get together, and work out some weeks before the wedding. Not only will it be a workout, but a time us girls can get together and really bond up to the wedding day. You all can push me, and we can push each other. And when the wedding day come, we will be the baddest things walking down any aisle!"

This may not be the exact way you say it, but it is better than saying, "Brenda, your rolls are showing honey! You need to hit the gym!" While this may be true, Brenda may no long want to be in your wedding. Not only is she probably ready to swing at you, she is not going to feel to confident walking down the aisle if she feels her "rolls" are showing. And on top of that, you may need to get a little Pillsbury from around some areas of your body as well!

The solution? A Bridal Boot Camp! These boot camps are specialized in getting you and your bridal party in tip top shape for your wedding. Not only will you be able to woo the crowd with your new fit and chiseled body, but your honeymoon night with the spouse will be on and popping! And at every wedding, there are some eligible bachelors looking for and eligible bachelorettes! And by you helping them get in shape, you may have been the reason for several more matrimony moments down the road from your own wedding party! They will be forever in your debt! Your next question is, "Lance, Do you have a boot camp for brides that can make me stunning?" Why of COURSE I do! My "Fit Wife 4 Life" Bridal Boot Camp is just what you need to have you turning heads and stopping traffic. Hit me up today, and the only part of the word "rolls" you will know is when you are "rolling" to your honey moon looking like a sexy BEAST!

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