Are you looking for the toughest and most effective workout programs in the Columbia,SC area. Then look no further... Because you have found it! We have everything ranging from the novice fitness component, to the advanced diabolical mind looking to challenge and push their body to the next level! If you are ready, we are ready to give it to you. get ready to change the very definition of fitness and total body superiority as you know it. Welcome to WARRIOR WAREHOUSE FITNESS!

Warrior Warehouse Fitness Classes





"The Wolfpack" Group Personal Training

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Do you have a group of family and friends who want to work out in your own personal and private session?  This option is definitely for you!  Gather up your people and come to the Warrior Warehouse to put in work.  Help to push, motivate, and work with one another to achieve your top fitness goals.  You are assigned your own personal trainer who will help to whip you and your crew into shape!  So get your wolf pack together and come ready to hunt...hunt for the fitness level that you want! (Minimum 3/Maximum 5 persons per group)

Price at $150/month/person  (Minimum 3 sessions/week)

Rebooted Fitness

Fitness Program

This class is designed for the person who is new to the world of fitness or coming back after a long layoff. This class will get you started on your fitness journey, all while providing you with an intense and effective workout that will have you on your way towards your ultimate goals. Sign-up today and let our team of experts start your beginnings as a Beast in Training and Reboot" your fitness mindset!

Pricing starting at $99/month

Beast Mode Killaz Fitness Program

Exercise & Conditioning

A competitive fighter is one of the most physically in shape athletes in the world! They have to endure rounds of gut wrenching hardcore fighting in the cage and have the top physical and mental conditioning to do it! Now you can experience the SAME type of workout like a pro fighter without taking the blows! In this class you will do everything a top level fighter will do such as bag training, flipping tires, plyometrics, kettlebells, and weight training, boxing and kickboxing drills, and everything that will have you sweating and working your way to ultimate fitness! Since no two workouts are ever the same, you will never get bored or stop seeing results. So take the Beast Mode Killaz challenge and be in shape like your favorite fighter or athlete on the planet!

Pricing starting at $99/month

"Lone Wolf" One on One Personal/Private Training


There may be times when the regular class session is not for you or not within your time frame. Maybe you want extra training on the side or just want the one on one instructor environment. Our private lesson option may be for you! A Warrior Warehouse instructor will discuss with you your Martial Arts and/or Fitness goals and set up a personal program to help you achieve your goals. You will recieve the same quality training that is given in our regular scheduled classes on a more personal level and achieve all the goals you have been looking for!

Pricing starting at $45/day for 1 Day - 30 minute sessions

                             $40/day for 2 Day - 30 minute sessions

                             $35/day for 3 Day - 30 minute sessions

                             $30/day for 4 Day - 30 minute sessions

College Students $35/day - 30 minute sessions

*Program packets will be paid in advance upon sign up.

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Special Services @ The Warrior Warehouse

Public Speaking Engagements

Special Services

Sensei/Officer Lance Adams is an avid public speaker. As a martial arts instructor and law enforcement officer, he has spoken to counltess youth and adult audiences on topics such as Gang Violence, Self Defense, Drugs and Alcohol, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Community and Home Safety, and much more. Sensei Adams is extremely involved in youth diversion programs, and speak regularly to youth and parents on ways to keep you safe! To book Sensei Adams for your next event, please allow at least seven days notice prior to the event.


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Warrior Warehouse Birthday Party

Food, Fun, & Martial Arts

The Warrior Warehouse Combat Arts and Fitness wants to give your child a Happy Birthday!! Let your child be the center of attention by having their own personal Martial Arts Birthday Party! Let us provide the entertainment, food, games, decorations, and supervision for 2 FULL HOURS, while you sit back and enjoy the fun! Watch your child's eyes light up when they lead their guest in martial arts moves and cut their own cake with a REAL samurai sword! Contact us to schedule your child's next event and make their birthday party one they will remember for the rest of their life!!

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