F.I.S.T. stands for First responders Immobilization and Self protection Tactics.


F.I.S.T. is a program especially designed for law enforcement to address the real life and dangerous situations they may face. The program identifies and deals with the most common assaults a law enforcement officer may incur in the line of duty.


Much of this system is devised to be able to defend against and subdue an attacker when you cannot implement any of your issued weapons. Many of these assaults are potentially deadly and are sometimes not addressed by certain law enforcement training programs.


Students will learn defense from headlocks, strikes, ground attacks, rear and frontal bear hugs, takedown defense, and how to disarm a person with a gun pointed at you.


F.I.S.T. incorporates simple yet highly effective means of self defense for a law enforcement officer whose goal is to make it home every night alive.


Course Time: 4 - 8 hours

This course is open to any military, first responders, law enforcement or security agents.

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